What is 1840 mean in dating

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What is 1840 mean in dating

Jamie Woodward is Professor of Physical Geography at The University of Manchester.

He has published extensively on landscape change and ice age environments.

This tour was an especially important milestone in the history of geology because it led to the first reports of the work of ancient glaciers in a country where glaciers were absent.Sissons published The Evolution of Scotland’s Scenery in 1967.Geologists now have an array of scientific dating methods to construct timescales for the growth and decay of past glaciers.at the foot of Ben Nevis, and in the principal valleys, I discovered the most distinct morains and polished rocky surfaces, just as in the valleys of the Swiss Alps, in the region of existing glaciers; so that the existence of glaciers in Scotland at earlier periods can no longer be doubted.” These discoveries initiated new debates about climate change and the extent to which the actions of glaciers had been important in shaping the British landscape.These arguments continued for the rest of the century.

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By radiocarbon dating the oldest organic deposits in these basins, it was possible to establish a minimum age for the last phase of glaciation.

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