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True tekken god online dating

(when a phrase that's well known was never uttered in the canon).Inverse of Shrug of God (when the creator(s) refuses to give a concrete answer), and of Better Than Canon (when the fans all decide their theory is preferable regardless of what the creator says).Subtrope to Nom de Guerre, where they the nickname, but they might not be particularly known or feared for it.Virtually all of these example count as In-Series Nicknames.

I Have Many Names can be when they have more than one and They Call Him "Sword" when he's named after some kind of weapon.

You could argue this is the creators' decision to Throw It In! When it happens as a result of a mistake or error (mostly in video games) it's an Ascended Glitch, and in the case of a translational error that fans like, a Good Bad Translation.

Contrast Jossed (when fan theories are explicitly debunked by Word of God or canonical events), Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Sometimes a character is so badass that they don't have just a name.

They have their own nickname, one that is so badass that anyone who hears it will crap their pants in fear.

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