Tips on dating a polish woman speed dating italy

Posted by / 17-Jul-2017 17:09

Tips on dating a polish woman

Or you do not have to be that extreme, if you teach English in Poland you will meet many good girls.

The feminine factor is somehow different when it comes to dating ladies from the States.

Living in Poland going almost ten years and being Polish myself in background, but being an American raised and born, I think I have a reasonable idea if the ladies from Polska are good or bad.

Look, people will say, ‘you mention religion (which in your mind is suppose to be connected with good) or tattoos (which in your mind is suppose to be connected with bad) and this has nothing to do with a person. But there is something called consistency of behavior. It is all a matter of risk factors and external manifestations of behavior are telling signs.

If your intentions are to find a Polish girlfriend and nothing more, than you will be condemned to live in a self-made purgatory.

But if you intentions are pure you will find your princess.

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You can not judge a person by these behaviors alone, but they do tell a story.