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Invalidating your feelings

However, I do witness people using this phrase to invalidate other person’s feelings.

Because of this, I feel the need to formally address this topic and explain why this particular phrase can be potentially hurtful.

We all have very different experiences, but the beauty of it is being able to mature from it all and become an even stronger person.

People are different, and it can be an incredibly beautiful thing, too, if we embrace it.

Frankly, I don’t believe everyone says this out of malice.

Very frequently, I see and experience people invalidating others' emotions just because they believe their situation isn’t as horrible as theirs. It’s okay to have your own struggles, your own personal battles, and your own feelings, regardless of what others are experiencing.

I know I speak for others as well when I say it can be deeply upsetting when your feelings aren’t respected or taken seriously. One of my close friends put it best when she explained that life isn’t a competition of struggles.

When you validate your spouse, you recognize, value and accept his or her deepest thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs and emotions. You shouldn't let it bother you." • "You should be over that by now." That is a pretty sobering list.

Invalidation, on the other hand, is to reject, debate, minimize, demean, judge or try to fix someone's emotions. When I first read through these invalidating statements, I cringed as I realized how many of the phrases I had used with my own loved ones — especially my wife, Erin.

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There are three key points that I believe everyone should take note of: Everyone has a different way of reacting to things that happen around them. Everyone has a different way of processing and handling their thoughts. Each of us has our own battles that are vital in helping us grow as people.

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