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TENGA will be at the Sex Expo in Brooklyn on annual United State(s) of Masturbation findings how American sentiment around masturbation has evolved over the past 12 months.And we're looking forward to celebrating our one-year anniversary of business presence in America with our friends at Sex Expo." For full survey results, visit To locate TENGA product, visit or shop online at https://usstore."We still have a long way to go to destigmatize sexual health education in , but this survey indicates that frequent masturbators may experience a number of positive emotional and physical health benefits." Key findings from the survey about frequent masturbators, those who masturbate at least four times per week, include: In releasing these results, TENGA encourages Americans to masturbate frequently for a healthier, more confident life.TENGA also hopes to elevate the conversation around masturbation, prompting people to discuss the topic with loved ones, such as friends and significant others.- TENGA's 2nd Annual United State(s) of Masturbation survey finds that Americans who masturbate 4x or more per week live better, healthier lifestyles- Talking about masturbation continues to be a topic of embarrassment for most Americans- Yet, 89 percent of all respondents who reported having talked to a significant other about masturbation found these discussions to be positive /PRNewswire/ -- TENGA Co. today announced results from its second annual United State(s) of Masturbation survey, compiling data from 1,200 Americans age 18-74 on their habits and attitudes toward masturbation, sexuality, general health and wellbeing.The survey found that frequent masturbators, or those who masturbate at least four times per week, visit the doctor less often due to illness, have higher body confidence, are more likely to be employed and have triple the number of orgasms than those who masturbate less frequently (or not at all).I remember the first year, I was really like, “Oh God, please don’t let me win ’cause I’ll die, I’ll literally die if I have to get up on this stage.” I looked at [fiancé] Darren [Le Gallo] and said, “Has anyone ever died of a heart attack in the Oscar auditorium? Because it’s about to.”I want to talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman. And I felt it first on when we were doing a scene and it just felt real; it felt like it was actually happening. Then he’s like, “I’m going to shoot you guys in the camera, and you guys can sort of, you know, be talking to him. I think I’m just getting out of my intimidation of Paul, because I admire his work so much, and because I’ve loved his work for years and years and years. Russell, after *The Fighter,*in which you played one of my favorite characters of yours. What can I do at this moment in my life that feels authentic? At the time I couldn’t afford college, and I wasn’t interested in getting into a financial loan situation, because I knew I most likely wanted to go into the arts. It’s called“garden level.”No, it’s called “anybody has access to your screen door and it’s terrifying.” That’s what it’s called. People make hundreds of independent films, but not everyone ends up getting nominated for an Oscar for them. It’s just not in my brain that it’s real even, sometimes.

I’m just trying to enjoy it and have fun with it this time. I just get to show up in a dress and drink champagne. I’ve worked with great actors where this hasn’t happened, and I’ve worked with great actors where this has. I have to give you a lot of credit for the diversity of the parts that you pick, or the parts that pick you. Your trajectory, in one sense, is really traditional. I didn’t have a huge skill set coming out of high school, and I was my sole provider.I will report back to you shortly lol."Another fan asked, "How much can you bench press?Group sex emerged as one of the foremost fantasies for men.One person wrote, "Iggy azalea's booty real or no?!!!" to which he answered, "next time i see her ima squeeze it and find out for you ok.

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And even more happy to learn that over half of the survey respondents are comfortable discussing masturbation with their partners," says Dr.

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