Dating earth radioactivity

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Dating earth radioactivity

“By understanding how corals could have recolonized the radiation-filled bomb craters, maybe we can discover something new about keeping DNA intact.”Getting to Bikini is a logistical feat.

The atoll is in the Marshall Islands, halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

Physicist: The side of the Earth facing the sun would quickly become hotter than boiling water, and the side facing away would be cold enough for the atmosphere to freeze solid (condense into nitrogen and oxygen ice).

So all of the air and water would form glaciers of ice and what-was-once-air on the night side of the planet, and the day side of the planet would become an airless desert.

Very quickly (within a few minutes) after the Sun rises at the beginning of the Moon’s 709 hour day the surface gets about as hot as it’s going to get: a balmy 110°C/230°F (give or take).In fact, in the twilight ring the temperature would be colder than our poles are today (which are like “twilight points”).You find the “comfortable zone” about 20° into the day side from the ring. What with the atmosphere being in such a state that you’d need a hammer and chisel to breathe, it wouldn’t be possible for life to exist anywhere.(Photos: Dan Griffin)It’s a promise that remains unfulfilled today.Normal life on the atoll is impossible, because the groundwater is contaminated.

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