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Just like the Victoria footage, this is an edited down POV clip showing all the steps of making her SJ.

Continuing from the last gallery, Jessica is posing on the couch looking gorgeous in her SLCs and arm casts with her black hair. Then she lays back and holds her SLCs up in the air.

She's been in her DSS for several weeks and is ready to go to the hospital to get it taken off. Filmed with my action camera, this clip shows the application of Jessica Lynn's pink DSS from stockinette to the final layer of pink fiber. This gallery portrays Jessica Lynn's first morning in her pink DSS.

Of course, I later added some layers as part of the story in her other clip. From waking up in bed to her disappointment as she looks at it in the mirror. We join her six weeks later when she's expecting to get her cast off. She practices walking in the highest heel she brought, then in her boot, and finally in a sandal to really show the height difference.

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You can see Angel giving the signal to the camera person to leave. Angel has convinced her sister to do this photo shoot with her, and Victoria agrees because it pays well. I even placed bandages over her eyes with medical tape so she couldn't see out of the bottom.

And of course, she's already starting to have fun with Victoria! Little does Victoria know that she has been set up by her sister to spend the entire three day weekend in casts together! One was lower than the other, but I admit that I think she moved one of them :) Anyways, she wakes up with her alarm going off, but can't find her phone and has to search the room for it.

Now, she has both legs casted in pink and blue LLCs.

She calls her male friend again, saying she has a surprise, but won't tell him what.

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Her arms are bound behind her back with a spreader bar, limiting her reach. Follow Jessica as she does her work around the house in her casts, tries to eat, and finally struggles to get herself up off the floor!