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Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

Many of you are receiving visions, either psychically or in dreams, of Planet X and/or of the pronounced disasters it will cause.

Nonetheless, we now have the Mechanisms of Destruction of Earth unequivocally in view. I have been involved with all the 95% of the Physical Universe that has been corrected.But never forget that we are in a Battle of Essences. can well imagine the FEAR and PANIC that will grip unprepared people once they realize they may be physically doomed. Some in Governments still have the belief that a few, especially the Elite in their DUMBS, will survive this cataclysm. It is a WAR, and things are often unpredictable in wars.Those with reservations about all this will just have to wait and see if it is all true. I have been attempting to prepare people with this message for 31 years. The FEMA camps and such other prisons are to corral the rabble that will starve to death or die of suicide and/or disease. But, terminating events have already been triggered by my Team. Nonetheless, there are a number of variables in the scenario I have painted.Obviously this War of Essences is not a pushover for either side.If we are to believe what we have been told, it has been going on since the start of the Physical Universe which is at least 13 billion years old.

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Also, in the meantime, other disasters, not related to Planet X are to affect our lives, Thus, at the outer mind level, there seem to be other possibilities for mechanisms of Destruction apart from the Planet X Doomsday Scenario. That is why over 95% of the evil Physical Universe has already been dismantled.

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